Sunday, November 10, 2013

Utilizing Carpeted Walls in the Classroom.

Wow! It really has been since before school started that I last blogged.  Here I was thinking it had only been a month or so...oh my!  I guess that's an indicator of how crazy busy school and motherhood has kept me.  I'm hoping I can get back to posting at least once a week (more would be great) so here we go:

I have carpeted walls on two of the walls in my classroom.  My third wall is mostly cupboards and cubbies and the fourth wall is wallpapered, but taken up mostly by my white board and two smaller bulletin boards.  You can see the 360 tour of my classroom before school started, about two posts ago.

I wanted to utilize the carpeted walls, but didn't want to pay a fortune for Velcro, and I knew that Velcro wouldn't hold up everything I was hoping to hang.  I remembered the clips my husband used years ago when he worked in a cubicle to hang things up on his "walls" and realized that those would probably be perfect for my carpeted walls.  I did a little searching and discovered that these cubicle hooks not only came in hooks, but also clips.  Both would be perfect to fit my needs for the carpet walls.

Using the hooks, I've been able to hang up a pocket chart and also hang up my mp3 players from lanyards.

I've been able to clip these dry erase pockets behind my reading table to easily post literature circle assignments and I've also used the hooks to hang tote bags for my center activities on the walls.  (Pictures of this will come in my posts about my reading block.)

These clips and hooks would also work well on bulletin boards.  

If you have carpeted walls and these hooks and clips would be helpful to you, you can find them on Amazon by clicking either picture below.  They are also available at Staples and perhaps any other office store near you. 

How do you hang your posters, pocket charts, etc. on your classroom walls?

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