Sunday, December 7, 2014

Plans for the New Year

I've taken a bit of a hiatus from blogging, putting my family first. I've decided to focus on creating a quality product at least once a month and make blogging less of a priority. I spend a lot of time posting pictures of my classroom on our class instagram and twitter which you are welcome to follow to see what we're doing and use any ideas you see there. The handle for both accounts is @mrsgreengr5. 

Upon reflection, I found that keeping up with the DillyDabbles blog was consuming my time and thus I was not creating new products nor, more importantly, spending time with my 3 young children. I hope you'll understand and continue to keep in touch on FB, instagram, twitter, email and the more rare blog posts. I'm always happy to respond to questions or comments. My goal is to create items for my own use that will also benefit you.  The pressure of having students learn all they can and perform well on end of year assessments along with all the other demands being placed on classroom teachers has also taken its toll.  

As a secondary benefit to this slight change in my focus and time, I hope to earn enough each month to provide piano lessons for my older daughters. Thanks for your support and understanding of my slight focus change;

these three need their mama....

and this crazy bunch needs their teacher.



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