Monday, May 7, 2012

Mother's Day Gifts

 We have our Mother's Day gifts ready to go.  We made these flower pens and notepads for Mom.  We had our district printing do these notebooks for us.  Each page of the notebook is the same.  Every student chose 1 sentence and the way they wanted it to be signed.  For example:  You are the best Mom ever!  Love, Pumpkin.  (Sorry, I didn't think to take a picture of the notebooks)  Many chose to sign using the nicknames their mom calls them.  If you can't do personalized notebooks, I'm sure you can find some cheap ones and have students personalize the cover.  Then students made the flower pens using flowers and florist tape from the dollar store and pens I still had from the fall penny sales at Staples.  (If we're really keeping track, I made about half of the pens)  I taped the flower to each pen started the floral tape on them, but I'm sure you already know the ones that will be at your side as soon as you've given the project to them.  Some of my fellow teachers put the pen making as their art center for the week so a few students a day worked on them throughout the week.  We put them together in these cute butterfly gift bags, also from the dollar store.  Each student wrote a note to his/her mom on the first page of the notebook.  We had a class full of cute Mother's Day gifts for just a few dollars.  What are you doing or have you done in the past to help your students celebrate their mothers?


  1. awww we had these at my wedding shower! never thought of making them with the kiddos!!


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