Monday, June 3, 2013

Building Mathematical Comprehension Book Study

I'm excited to be part of several book studies this summer.  I'm kind of a teaching practice study junkie in the summers.  I love to read professional books and learn some new tools to add to my tool box of teaching practices.

The first one will start on June 8th with the book Building Mathematical Comprehension.  Get your book by clicking below so follow along with us.  This is a great resource and I love the correlation given to all we know about reading comprehension directly to math comprehension.

We'll go through the book together as several bloggers share with us their take and some ideas on each chapter.  I'll be posting about Chapter 6 the week of July 9.  You can download the PDF schedule that includes dates and links to each participating blog by going here.  

Our hosts and coordinators, Brenda of Primary Inspired and Beth of Thinking of Teaching have done a wonderful job of coordinating and getting us ready for this book study.  They are hosting a giveaway for a copy of the book.  The last day to enter is TODAY, June 3, 2013.  Head on over to one of their blogs to enter.  

A linky party will be included in each chapter's post so that you can participate along with us.  We'll also be sharing via Instagram and Twitter with #getyourmathon. 

It all starts June 8th, so grab your book and your schedule and follow along with us.

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