Saturday, April 12, 2014

Use Clear Labels and Forget the Residue!

Have you ever used address labels around your classroom?  Perhaps you label the front of your cupboards or student cubbies or hooks with labels.  I love labels.  I use the standard address labels to print word problems on to save paper and avoid the time consumption of gluing small papers into notebooks.  I also love to use them around my room, especially for labeling cupboards and coat cubbies.  I've also used them on the front of laminated cards.  The trick I have learned though is the wonder of the clear labels! I still use the standard paper labels for going in student notebooks, but I use clear labels around my room now.  The clear labels are plastic with adhesive on the back, so when you peel them away, they come away clean.  No more scraping paper sticky residue off of your cupboards!  They are also great for overlay on laminated cards.  I like to use them on my numbered hooks for hallway work display.  Any design you wanted to show through would and they just leave a more clean, nice look.  So, get a set of clear labels to have on hand, especially for the summer as you prepare for a new school year next fall.

Thanks to Shelly Gray of Teaching in the Early Years for hosting and organizing this event. 

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  1. I use a ton of labels, but I always skipped the "clear" ones! I need to go invest. Thank you!
    Second Grade is Out of This World!

  2. Love your idea of using clear labels. I didn't know they would peel off so easily.
    Debbie Crockett
    Crockett's Classroom

  3. Ooo I never thought to use clear labels! They look really good in your cubbies. I use labels for everything too!

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple


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