Sunday, March 31, 2013

Classroom Spruce Up - Mason Jar Lamp

The librarian at my school has this darling lamp on her check-out desk.  I thought this was a fun way to add some light to a reading corner or listening table in your classroom and theme it any way you want.  So, I sought out how to make such a fun item.  They are so easy and inexpensive!  You just need five items: (click on the pictures to see them in Amazon)

  • A Mason Jar - I can items at home, so I have these hanging around.  If you don't have them around, try a local thrift shop.  You can purchase them in most big box stores in the home canning section or on Amazon:67000 Ball Qt Mason Jar WM 12-pack
  • A Lamp Kit - Here are a few options (click on the pictures):

This one comes as a set of 3 (Best Value, make some for a colleague or one for at home)

This is a single silver colored set

  • A Lamp Shade - You can embellish this simple white one in any way you desire. 

  • A Light Bulb - These kits will fit any standard bulb.  
  • Items to Fill Your Jar - Check out your local craft store for small themed trinkets.  Shaped buttons might be a fun way to go.  To cut down on how many items you need to fill your jar, put a Styrofoam cylinder or other similar object in the middle of the jar to take up some of the space.  Then put your themed items around the filler.  These fun colored buttons come in a variety of color sets and would be great to fit any color scheme: 

If you make one of these fun accents, we'd love you to come back and share your picture with us!


  1. I have some ols jars, I'm definitely trying this, thanks!

    Teacher's Clipart

  2. Love this lamp! I am all about making cute stuff and am on Spring Break this week so I am putting this on my to-do list for sure! Thanks for sharing!

    Your newest follower!


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