Sunday, March 10, 2013

Free Math Vocabulary Cards

This is a re-post from one done a in 2012:

I was thinking about creating some math word wall and vocabulary cards, so I was doing a little search.  Well, I found this great resource available through Utah's Granite School District and figured, why go to all the work to create something that is already available and great.  So, check out the link and get math vocabulary resources for grades K-7 correlated with the Common Core. Each grade includes a math vocabulary list  and then alphabetically listed vocabulary cards in 3 ways including just the word, the word and graphic, the word with the graphic and definition.  Other resources on this site include templates for word study, lesson and activity ideas and other resources. You can go here for the Granite School District curriculum maps.  I find it helpful to view other maps when our team works together to review our map.  I'm not sure if these are correlated to the common core just yet though. And while I'm at it, here's the language resources from this district as well.  These are not the common core yet, but if they update them and share, it will be a good place to go in the future.

**I believe the resources are updated now for Common Core, go take a look and save yourself some time and money!

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  1. Awesome resources! My school also does Marzano's vocab program - I will be sharing this with my colleagues. Thanks!
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