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I am currently an instructional coach.  I have also taught first grade, third grade and fifth grade, so I have a good idea of what "Growing in the Elementary Years" is like.  I'm also a mom to 3 and wife to a Jr. High Technology/Business teacher.  I love to create and am constantly improving and revamping my teaching.  I love to dabble in technology, I know a little about a lot ;0).  I also dabble in many crafts and have a half finished basement full of half finished projects.  I like to think I'm organized in an unorganized manner...I know where everything is, well almost!  I will share my teaching tips, tidbits and experiences on this blog.

Contact me at dillydabbles@gmail.com


  1. Good evening could you make a letter formation bookmark with the letters like c:a, d,g,q resting between the index finger and thumb?

    1. Lisa, I had several suggest this idea but haven't looked at it closely. I'll take a look over the next few days and see what I can come up with. Thanks so much for asking.

  2. I am hoping you might be interested in joining my Winter Exchange Project! I am new to blogging and this is the first "big thing" I'm trying. Please consider joining along. All the info is on my bog: firstgradecarousel.blogspot.com ~Maria


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