Friday, August 8, 2014

Back to School Blog Hop

I'm happy to be collaborating with several other 5th grade teachers to bring you some back to school tips and a giveaway!  

My tip is to not be afraid to let students know about you.  On the first day, share with them about some of your hobbies, what you did over the summer and about your family.  When students feel like they can connect with you, they are more likely to trust you and to be open to receive information and advice from you.  

I'll be sharing a PowerPoint slide show with my class on the first day filled with pictures of my summer and family.  I'll also be sharing my "3 about me bag" with the students.  It will serve as an example for students as they will each be asked to bring a bag containing three items that represent them in some way to share with the class.  I'll assign ten students per day to bring in their bags for the 2-4 days of school as a way to help us get to know each other and start to get comfortable in front of the class.  

Be sure to hop through all of us to get all of the tips.  You can enter to win some amazing prizes below or at any of the other blogs along the hop.  You'll find the next tip from Nicole at  


  1. I love the 3 about me bags! I also think it's really important to let students get to know you. I have two cats that do crazy things all the time. My students are always asking me to tell them stories about my crazy fur babies!

    Pleasure to hop with you,
    Mrs O Knows

  2. We sound similar in our beginning of the year activities! I also share a Power Point about me at the beginning of the year. I think it's good to let you students know a little bit about you, rather than just the teacher! Nice to "hop" with you! :)


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