Thursday, June 26, 2014

Notice and Note Book Study Post 8

Section 6 is so helpful in teaching how to explain the signposts to your class.  It also gives some text suggestions and some models for teaching the signposts to your students.  I'm so excited about all I'm learning this summer and planning for next year.  I'm ready to dig into planning for the beginning of the year and my reader's response journals.  My plan is to start the year off with a lesson each day to introduce each of the signposts using short texts.  Then, I'll continue to support students as we read our class novel together.  Students will then have more of their own opportunity to find examples of signposts in their literature circle texts.  My biggest hurdle is going to be training myself to use that generalizable language.

One conundrum that I have is in regards to the anchor charts.  I'm debating between making the chart before hand and making it during the lesson with the students.  I've held the position that students take more ownership and use if you build the chart together, but my students didn't use it much.  So, I wonder if it really matters.  What are your thoughts on the matter?

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  1. I read and used Notice and Note last year and LOVED it! I feel that the signposts really helped students think deeply about their reading. In terms of anchor charts, I made one as we talked on large chart paper, then I had regular paper sized charts on a bulletin board that I put up when we moved on (these stayed up all year). Also, I had students create their own page for each signpost in their reading journals. It included the name of the signpost, a description, and the question. Hope this helps!

    1. Oh thank you Anne! All of that was along the line I was thinking, but just second guessed myself. Thanks so much for your thoughts!!


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