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Saunders School Supplies

Note: This post contains links to products on the website.  I was compensated a sample of each of the products I review in this post.  I receive no other compensation for your clicks on links in this post.  Opinions in this post are my own from my use of the products provided to me. 

I was recently sent some office and school supplies by from the Saunders brand.  I received a SlimMate Storage Clipboard, Recycled Clipboard, Glue Stic, Glue Style Pen and some UHU Tac adhesive putty.   

The Glue N Style Pen is a fun tool.  The design will get you excited to find things to glue.  I really love the glue itself.  It's advertised to not wrinkle the paper, and it really doesn't.  I used it on some pages of my interactive math notebook that I'm mocking up for next year and I love how the glue worked in my notebook.  I'm not super excited about the pen itself.  The hole in the opening is just open, so the slightest squeeze of the pen sends glue out.  I was able to control it ok, but I think students would have a difficult time. Perhaps a rolling ball tip or a rubber tip that opens slightly with a squeeze would be better designs.  I do love the glue though!

Front side of the page my fold-it is glued to and the Glue N Style pen. (Posts about my notebook and fold-its are coming soon.)

Back side of the page where I glued in the fold-it, no wrinkles!

The SlimMate Storage Clipboard is a perfect size at 8.5x12 inches.  I thought that because of it's storage capacity, it might be too bulky to be useful, but that is not the case at all.  It would be perfect for carrying your items for reading conferences or student interviews.  Place a pencil, calculator and any other items in the storage area and clip your note forms to the board.  You'll have everything you need handy, right with you. 

The Recycled Clipboard I received is 6x9 inches, the perfect size for smaller forms and papers.  I plan on using mine to clip on some praise notes.  We use these little quarter page notes to jot down notes of praise to students.  They take the slip to the office and the principal reads the names of "praised students" each Friday on our announcements. It's a sturdy board that will hold up quite well.  It has a much better feel and stability than boards I have used previously that are thinner and less sturdy. 

The thing I love most about the Glue Stic is that it has a screw on lid!  Screw on lids would help lessen glue waste in my classroom.  Snap on lids get lost, put on too loosely and fall off.  That leaves the glue open to dry out and be wasted.  The screw on lid requires that the glue be wound back down in the container so the lid will fit and then screws on for security.  I also like the blue color that dries clear.  This helps students see exactly where their glue has been.  

The Tac adhesive putty comes in three strengths, regular tac, home deco strong tac and ultra strong pro power tac.  Strong hold is stated to hold up to 4.4 pounds and ultra strong hold is stated to hold 6.6 pounds.  I'd use the regular tac for smaller jobs of hanging a picture or paper etc. You might be familiar with that blue colored tacky putty, which I have used before as well.  These are white in color, which I like better than having blue show through everything. Just knead the putty until soft and then use it to attach your item by pressing gently to the surface you want to adhere it to. I used the regular tac to get some papers I needed at hand up off my desk so I could reference them easily and grab them when needed.  I'm an out of sight, out of mind kind of gal.  I think this putty is great.  It seems less sticky than other putty's I've used before and held up my papers great. 

I'm going to make sure I have some tac and glue on hand for back to school in the fall.  I'm going to get some more of the Glue N Style Pen glue for myself to use in my notebook to make sure my items stay glued in.  Thanks to for allowing me the opportunity to try out these products!

How could you use these products in your classroom?

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