Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Made It: Bags and Quilts

This week's Monday Made it is all about my hobby, sewing.  This week I worked on several bags and a quilt.

This bag is headed to Danielle of Crayonbox learning.  She did the update to my blog, which I am loving! I'm working on two more in different patterns that aren't quite finished that are headed to Logan, UT. 

This quilt I put together in memory of my father in law.  He passed away from complications of a brain tumor he had been fighting for four years last summer.  This was a mystery quilt along with Heather Spence Designs and Missouri Star Quilt Company.  The small donation they collect from participants is donated to  I chose grey colors as grey is the symbolic ribbon color for brain cancer.  It was quilted by Sew Shabby Quilting and I just got it back from her on Friday.  I'll finish it up with some binding and it will be my son's quilt to remember his grandpa. 

This last one isn't a made it, but it's so fun I just decided to include it.  I was with my parents this weekend to attend my cousin's wedding.  Between the luncheon and the evening reception, we took a little drive.  This darling house is near my parent's house.  It was built to resemble the house in the Disney' movie UP.  Isn't it darling! They get a LOT of visitors.  I don't think I'd want to live next door... ;)

Have a great week!
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  1. What a beautiful quilt! I truly wish I could sew! It was not a hobby I was ever able to pick up!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog! I love your blog design!

    Seconds at the Beach

  2. That bag is great - I love it! I've got a quilt that needs to be ready for Sunday but is not going well - watch this space next Monday! Your quilt looks lovely.
    Growing Little Learners

    1. Thanks, I'm sure you'll get it done. I go in spurts of sewing lots and times when I need a break.

  3. Your quilt has a really unique design! I am sure that your son will love it! And Danielle is lucky to get that cute bag!

    Kay @ Sommer Pride

    1. Thanks Kay! I was worried about how the quilt would turn out since the design was a complete mystery until the last clue. You receive a clue a week and slowly piece the blocks and then at the end put it all together.

  4. That bag is absolutely ADORABLE!! I'm in love!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'


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