Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Notice ant Note Post 11

First, I need to finish Post 10.  Here are the pictures of my response notebook for Aha Moment

Two page spread

Left side close

Right side under the text glue-in

Then I thought I needed lessons on Theme and Conflict, so here are my pages for those.  

The glue-ins come from two great sets.  Theme is from Nicole Shelby's set here and Conflict is from Lovin' Lit's set here.

Now, for the two signposts in Post 11.  Here are the pictures of my response notebook for Tough Questions: 

Left side explanation and beginning of response. Right side, response continued and text glue-in.

Then I thought I needed a lesson on question types to help students generate their own questions as well as analyze the questions within text.  So, here's my page on QAR.  I created the foldable using a template from 4mulafun's foldable set found here.  

Finally, here's Words of the Wiser:

I left the reflections blank where students are more on their own in the lesson.  Now that we've done a few, I'm hoping students will be able to do more on their own.  

Be sure to read the host post for this section from Mary at Guided-Math here and any of the other posts that have been linked up. 

There we go, we just have 2 more posts in this blog book study left.  I have LOVED it!  What did you learn about Tough Questions and Words of the Wiser? 

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