Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Small Group Reading: Fluency

For the fluency activity, students re-read the basal selection from our Journey's text from the previous week.  Often we read the selection twice during the week we are focused on a story, so this is usually a third read for students.  For students who struggle with the grade-level text, we have access to the story online which can be read to the students.  I usually have 2-4 students who need this support.  Then students respond to a beyond the text type question from the book.  I meet with this group third, during the hour, and spend about 10 minutes with them discussing their responses to the question and any comprehension or vocabulary hang-ups they still have about the story. 

This next year, I'd like to add more with fluency.  I'm thinking of having students read a passage during a timed amount of time and to graph fluency.  They'd do this right when they come to my table, before we get to the discussion.  

What are some resources you use for fluency?  Do your students track rate and accuracy, or just practice with smoothness and expression with repeated readings? 

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