Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Synonym Feelings

A few weeks ago, as a team, we were thinking about what we could do to put in the hall for April.  We like to do an integration art piece as a team each month that hangs in our hall.  So, here's what we came up with.  We used the book My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss as our literature inspiration and the topic of Synonyms.  We read the book to students and discussed the synonyms for traditional feeling words and recorded our lists.  Then, students chose a color and a traditional feeling.  They used a splatter paint technique on white paper and let it dry.  Then with a black marker, they wrote several synonyms around the painted page and glued the traditional feeling word somewhere on the page.  I backed them with black construction paper and laminated them, but you certainly don't have to do that.  One of our teachers made these shades of meaning cards with paint color strips. (She said I could share it with you.)  So, this is a great way to integrate art and language.  I've included a printable of the feelings bubbles here for you to use in your own projects.   I'd love for you to come back and let me know how you use this idea.  How do you teach synonyms in your classroom?

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  1. Love those! I'm proud to have earned my 5 star blogger badge too! Thanks for sharing!!!

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    1. Thanks Charity. I appreciate the opportunity and love that the "fairy blogmother" commented on my blog!

  3. Visiting my fellow 5-Star Bloggers! What a creative and fun activity!


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