Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Writing Center Idea - Draw, Write Now

I use this series of books all year for student handwriting practice.  They have 4 sentences on Science and Social Studies topics along with a picture.  Also included are step by step instructions on drawing the main element of the picture.  The incentive of learning to draw something new gets even my reluctant ones doing this center.

I have managed it two different ways.  Last year, as a team, we compiled passages that correlated with our scope and sequence into one workbook for students.  We included 1 passage for each week.  On the left side of the page was the copy from these books and on the right side a blank lined page for student handwriting with room at the top for the picture.  The directions for drawing were posted in a center.

This year, I have a document camera and mounted projector.  So, I didn't make a book for each student.  Instead, I display the text under the document camera and have a few copies of the drawing directions available for student to grab and bring to their seats.  I have done centers at students' seats this year, so this worked well for that format.

Whether you decide on one of the books or the entire set, they are a great way to integrate Social Studies and Science with your handwriting.  Of course, I wouldn't leave you high and dry without the paper for students to use!  Here's your free copy of the page student's use to copy the text and draw the picture.  There are two different line sizes for you to choose from.

How do you do handwriting in your class?
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  1. Hi Melissa, Sharon Winter from Prek Paradise here...I just grabbed your button and am now a follower.

  2. I love these books!! We have a set of them in second grade. They are wonderful.

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