Friday, April 13, 2012

Vocabulary Freebie and a few other bits

Tier 2 Vocabulary is an important part of reading instruction.  My district just adopted the Journey's reading program and it contains a good list of tier 2 words as part of each week's lesson.  I'm in the process of putting them into page size posters to hang on my wall each week.  Here's Unit 5 for all of you.  Even if you don't use Journey's, these are a good resource of tier 2 words.  (The rest will be coming along between now and the end of summer.)

On some other notes:

I appreciate the several tags that I have received this week.  A tag is indeed a lot of work and did one a while back.  You can see that post here.  Again thanks so much for the tags, however I won't be creating a new tag post.

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  1. I just saw on your TPT store that you are in Spanish Fork. Me too! Small world eh? I'm excited about the new Journeys adoption, how about you?


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