Monday, March 19, 2012

Class Connect

Have you heard about this brand new sharing and storage format for teachers?  It's like pinterest and dropbox rolled into one.  It's brand new, but growing quickly.  You can sign up for FREE here and join other teachers who are sharing their ideas, lessons, videos and more all in one place.  You can post your own too.  It looks like you can choose what you share publicly for others to use and what you just store for yourself to keep private.  I'm still exploring it myself, but you can connect with me at

Erin Klein of Kleinspiration has a detailed post you can read also here.


  1. I have seen this but just not sure how it would work. It seems more complicated that dropbox and pin. It also has student access. Maybe it is just me having a blonde moment but I don't get it.

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  2. Thanks! There is a ton of free storage! I will see how this turns out (-;


    The 3AM Teacher


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