Monday, March 5, 2012

Common Core Access App

Kristin over at Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten recently posted about this great app from Mastery Connect.  It's a simple way to access the core all in one place.  There are also some other amazing features of being part of the community including sharing of common formative assessments.  With the paid subscription, you can also have students take tests through ipad or ipods or have them take it with a bubble sheet and simply show a web camera the tests and they are instantly scored!  Go check it all out and get your own app here.   (I don't have it up just yet on my site because they didn't have my school listed in their sign up form, so I have to wait for them to add it. It will be added as soon as possible.)


  1. I made an account here not so long ago, but I haven't done anything with it yet. Sounds like a great idea though. I'm your newest follower and I have an award for you!
    Come over and check it out!
    First with Franklin

  2. Hey! That's me you're talking about!! :) I also passed you an award...just beaten out by Ms. Franklin! ;)

    Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

  3. Welcome Erin and Thanks to Erin and Kristin for the award! Kristin, I loved Mastery Connect so much I had to re-share. I'm very excited to learn all that it has to offer. Thanks!!

  4. I just gave you a 'lovely' award. Come on over to my blog and check it out.


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