Monday, January 30, 2012

Comparing Numbers

Last week, we worked on comparing and ordering numbers in math.  My colleague and friend, Kristin, did this great Pacman printable for the students to practice the directions the greater than and less than signs should go.  It includes larger demonstration Pacman's and 24 each of greater than and less than student ones.  I used these with my number cards for students to practice comparing numbers.  I copied the pacman sheets on yellow paper and laminated and cut.  I gave each student the two pacman's and then gave each table a set of 20 cards.  Students chose 2 cards and put their pacman between the right way to compare, then chose 2 more cards and so on.  Then tables switched number sets and compared more numbers.  With Kristin's permission, I am sharing the Pacman printable with all of you!  You can get my number cards at my TeacherNotebook shop.  In fact, these number cards are the additional prize that Tricia, the Common Core Pack winner, chose from my shop.

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