Saturday, January 14, 2012


Dropbox - Secure backup, sync and sharing made easy.
Do you find yourself emailing documents back and forth or carrying a thumb drive with you wherever you go?  Do you get to school and realize you left the document you were working on at home or get home to work on something and realize the documents you needed are at school?  Well here's a great solution.  I've been using Dropbox now for over a year and I LOVE it!!  It is a web-based storage program and it is FREE!  You can download the program to your frequently used computers and once you save an item there, you can access it from any of the computers you have downloaded the software on.  OR you can log in online to and access your documents from any computer anywhere.  There is also a subscription option if you need more storage than the free option allows.  This has totally solved my problem of accessing documents and remembering to email them to myself or carry a thumb drive everywhere.  Click on any of the links to get started.  If you have questions, Dropbox has some great video tutorials to help you along.


  1. Thanks for the suggestion. My cousin uses Dropbox all the time, but I haven't touched it. Maybe I'll have to give it a try.
    Forever in First

  2. Tammy,
    I really do love it. My principal has started using it too after I put all the documents for a parent council on Dropbox and shared it with the group. He discovered its usefulness too.

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