Friday, January 20, 2012

Narrative Stories Published

My grade level focused on writing narrative stories during our second quarter.  At the end of each unit, we go through the editing, revising and publishing process.  I've found it difficult to do the more traditional writers workshop approach, but have found this method very useful and doable for my first grade students.  Throughout the term we wrote several narrative stories.  I use Lucy Caulkins' lessons.  The last two weeks or so of the term, we start by choosing the story each child wants to publish.  Then we go through the revising and editing to end with publication.  For the most part, the writing is usually student published.  I don't think that having myself or a parent type up the child's story is helpful to such young students.  So, students do the writing for their published books.  You can get the cards I used this last go around to guide students in revising and editing their stories here.  Also, here is the paper I used for the inside of the books.  I used scrapbook paper cut to 5.5 x 8.5 inches for the covers.  Below are some pictures of our finished stories.  We used the Japanese Stab Binding method of binding the books.  I used a single hand hole punch to punch the holes and we used yarn.  (A hint on sewing with yarn, dip the end in melted candle wax and let dry.  Then you have a stiff tip and don't need to mess with needles or wrapping the end in tape.)  Ribbon and embrodery thread work well too.  Be sure to have an odd number of holes.

Here's a tutorial from Youtube:

And here's the pictures of our books: 

I love this shelf.  We display our published works and the students love to read each other's books.

My dog bit me

We are still working on capitalization. ; )


  1. I'm sure they were absolutely thrilled with themselves!
    Forever in First

    1. They were very excited to have written their own books. They love reading each other's books now. When one student picks up another's to read, usually the author hurries right over to read it with them.

  2. I love these, they are adorable, I'm always looking for ways to publish student work, this is great! Thanks for sharing!


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